Custom Milling

I don't just mill logs for myself...  If you have a log or two, or more, you want milled, I can do that!  

Almost all my logs are processed on my bandsaw which has a 48" wide capacity.  Using a bandsaw instead of a chainsaw mill often ends up with cleaner cuts, and more importantly, you will end up with an extra slab.  A bandsaw blade only removes 1/8 material per cut, a chainsaw turns 3 times more of the log into sawdust.  Over the course of the log, a bandsaw saves an extra slab!

I am not mobile, my mill is big.  If you don't have the means to bring the log over, I have many contacts to arrange that for you!

Give me a call, let me know what you need done, and we'll figure something out!

Bandsaw Capacity...
48" Cut Width
25 Foot Cut Length