Custom Drying

Once a log is milled, the wood needs to be dried.  Airdrying can work, but that takes a very long time, sometimes several years.  My kiln can take that extremely long process, and shorten it into several weeks instead.  If you're looking to invest time and effort into building a high quality piece of furniture, you want to do everything you can to make sure the wood will be as stable as possible, and that there are no bugs living in the wood; my kiln will do that.

Of course I dry all my own wood, but I also enjoy drying for other local woodworkers.  Kiln space is tight, so let me know what you need dried and I'll schedule you in.

The iDry Kiln!!!
We have an iDry kiln.  This is a very unique kiln.  The classic kilns use heaters and dehumidifers to try pull the water out of the wood.  My iDry is a vacuum kiln.  The kiln uses heaters, and creates a vacuum, to cause there to a pressure gradient difference between outside the wood and inside the wood.  This gradient causes the water to be sucked out of the wood!
This is advantageous for many reasons.  Biggest benefit is that its easier on the wood.  Normally you need to wait months or years before kiln drying slabs.  But the vacuum kiln allows me to dry freshly sawn wood.  The vaccum is more gentle and causes less defects in the wood through the drying process.  Its not the perfect system, but its one of the best out there!